Jiangxi Sanxin Hi-Tech Ceramics Co., Ltd.
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Main Products
  • Y-TZP Grinding Media
  • Y-TZP Grinding MediaSXYZ high quality grinding media are produced from the high quality yttria-stabilized zirconia powder. It have super grinding efficiency because of highest crushing strength, lowest wear loss. The qualities and properties reachthe internationa...
  • Zirconia Balls Bearing (ZBB)
  • Zirconia Balls Bearing (ZBB)Zirconia balls are mainly used as valve balls, fully ceramic bearings, force measurement balls, trackballs, fine mill balls, and can be used in such situations: high temperature, anti-corrosion, electric insulation, anti-magnet, non-lubrication, it's the ideal...
  • Zirconia Ceramic Ball Bearing (ZCB)
  • Zirconia Ceramic Ball Bearing (ZCB)Definition: Zirconia Ceramic Ball Bearing is also known as zirconia hybrid bearing, the rolling element is zirconia ceramic ball, inner ring and outer ring is metal. The structure is the same as metal bearings...
  • Alumina Substrate
  • Alumina SubstrateOur Alumina ceramic substrates
  • have various excellent properties,
  • such as high thermal conductivity,
  • high density, high mechanical properties, acid resistant and so on. Their applications can be found in thick film hybrid integrated circuits...
Jiangxi Sanxin Hi-Tech Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Sanxin Hi-Tech Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a Sino-US joint venture high tech enterprise founded in 2008. It's one of integration of industry and trade. The company develop and produce structure ceramic, electronic ceramics, chemical ceramics, environmental ceramics and so on whose applications include grinding, surface treatment, petrochemical, water treatment, refract-ory, electronic material, military and other fields. In 2010 and 2011, we were awarded the prestigious "Top 100 China Jiangxi Highest Investment Value in Science and Technology Enterprises...
  • AlN Substrate
  • AlN SubstrateWe produce aluminum nitride substrate with excellent thermal, mechanical and electrical properties, thermal conductivity more than 170W/(m.K), dielectric constant around 8 at 1MHz, thermal expansion coefficient 4.5x10-6/℃, volume...
  • Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Tile
  • Silicon Carbide Bulletproof TileWe produces lightweight technical ceramic tiles using tight-tolerance manufacturing standards Our products has excellent protective armor performance, and protection level meet NIJ 4 Standard-0101.04. We now are able to...
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