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Ceramic Material
Tabular Alumina (TA)
Tabular Alumina (TA)Tabular Alumina (TA) is a pure sintered α-alumina material that has been densified by rapid sintering without the use of sintering aids at temperature in excess of 1900℃. It has the characteristics of low open porosity and large...
Zirconia Spray-Dried Powder for Dental Blocks
Zirconia Spray-Dried Powder for Dental BlocksTechnical Specifications of Series of Zirconia Spray-dried Powder for Dental Blocks...
Silicon Nitride Powder
Silicon Nitride PowderSilicon Nitride is an important structural ceramic. It is an covalent crystal which is super hard, have lubricity, can stand wear and tear and antioxidant around high temperature. It won't break after hot (over 1000℃) and cold impact...
Aluminum Nitride Powder
Aluminum Nitride PowderThese devices have high hardness, high modulus, very high dielectric properties, good oxidation-resistant property and low-thermal expansion efficient, which is approximate to that of Silicon. When the ALN powers is used to make...
Alumina for Lithium Battery Separator
Alumina for Lithium Battery SeparatorFeatures: 1. Submicron particles, average particle size D50=0.5~0.8,D90≤2.0um; 2. α-phase content ≥99%, high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance...
β-LiAlSiO4Product Description: Negative thermal expansion β-LiAlSiO4. PLS send email for getting more information...
Bauxite Ore
Bauxite OreWe mainly supply the bauxite mine which the alumina content from 40% to 90%. We get the raw material from Shanxi Pro. And qualify the raw material by ourselves. Our plant nearby the Tianjin sea port. There are over 5000MT...
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