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Environment-Protecting Ceramic
Honeycomb Ceramic Regenerators
Honeycomb Ceramic RegeneratorsHoneycomb ceramic regenerators enhance efficiency, save energy, increase output and improve quality, an important and effective measure when dealing with energy and the environment. They're applied on thermal equipment...
Ceramic Membrane
Ceramic MembraneCeramic membrane is a porous fine ceramic filter which is sintered from Alumina, Titania or Zirconia under ultra high temperature. Ceramic membrane normally has an asymmetrical structure with porous support...
Ceramic Membrane Module
Ceramic Membrane ModuleCeramic membrane module is the chamber of filling the ceramic membranes. It can be designed base on the different outside diameter, membrane surface for production demand. Each ceramic membrane module...
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Qxygen Sensor Chip
Qxygen Sensor ChipOxygen sensor for automobiles is the major sensor component in electronic fuel...
Alumina Ceramic Chemical Packing Balls
Alumina Ceramic Chemical Packing BallsOur alumina ceramic chemical packing...
AlN Substrate
AlN SubstrateOur products are produced by DBC technology. DBC is short for Direct Bond...
Silicon Nitride Powder
Silicon Nitride PowderSilicon Nitride is an important structural ceramic. It is an covalent crystal which...
Silicon Nitride Grinding Balls
Silicon Nitride Grinding BallsHigh Si3N4 content 90-92%. High hardness can be reached 1400HV10...
Zirconia Part in High Speed Paper-Making Machine
Zirconia Part in High Speed Paper-Making MachineThere are some zircoina part in high speed...