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Ceramic Structure Part
Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bulletproof Tablets
Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bulletproof TabletsBulletproof tablets are made of super hard silicon nitride materials with same color and size, having moderate density and high bulletproof ability. All kinds of bulletproof tablet meet the NIJ, European, Chinese standards...
Silicon Nitride Ceramic Heating Tablets
Silicon Nitride Ceramic Heating TabletsSilicon nitride ceramic heating tablets is a safe electric heating plate tablet which can emit fireless heat, having circular or square shape. Because it depends on heat conduction, the thermal efficiency is high...
Precision Ceramic Cutters
Precision Ceramic CuttersMain material for making precision ceramic cutters is the silicon nitride, these cutters can replace hard alloy cutter. Ceramic tool life is much more longer than traditional tool, reduce the times of changing tool...
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