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Ceramic Wear-Resistance Part
Alumina Ceramic Tubes/Pipes (ACT)
Alumina Ceramic Tubes/Pipes (ACT)ISO pressed alumina pipe is an extremely dense ceramic material that has excellent resistance to both sliding and impact abrasion. Mainly used as lining materials for applications like coal conveying in power stations...
Ceramic Rubber Liner (CRL)
Ceramic Rubber Liner (CRL)Ceramic Rubber Liner (CRL) is compounded by rubber sheet, flat or spherical ceramic tiles and steel plate through hot vulcanizing process. It is fixed to equipment surface by means of bolts connection. There are two types...
SHS-Self-propagating Ceramic Steel Pipe (SCP)
SHS-Self-propagating Ceramic Steel Pipe (SCP)SHS-Self-propagating Ceramic Steel Pipe (SCP) and elbow create a new generation of abrasion and corrosion resistant engineering pipeline. The composite pipe is composed of three layers: ceramic, intermediate, and steel layers...
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