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Zirconia Fine Bead (YZ)
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Properties of Zirconia Fine Bead

Specific Density: 6.00g/cm3

Bulk Density: 3.50g/cm3

V-hardness: 1100HV1

Rockwell Hardness: 85HRC

Chemical Composition: ZrO2: 95%, Y2O3: 5%

Advantages of Zirconia Fine Bead

-High density and superior hardness; Less processing time than the common metal or glass beads.

-Higher crushing strength and wear resistance results in less bead loss.

-Resistant to rust and corrosion.

Standard Grades of Zirconia Fine Bead

YZ80: 0.080-0.120mm   YZ120: 0.120-0.180mm      YZ150: 0.150-0.210mm

YZ210: 0.210-0.300mm    YZ300: 0.300-0.425mm

Other size range can reach according the customer's design.

Application of Zirconia Fine Bead

-Shot blasting and peening for matte finishing and deburring, etc.

-Placing sand for sintering and annealing.


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