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Ceramic Blasting Bead (SZ)
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Properties of Ceramic Blasting Bead

Specific Density: 3.85 g/cm3

Bulk Density: 2.3g/cm3

V-hardness: 700HV1

Rockwell Hardness: 60HRC

Chemical Composition: ZrO2: >50%, SiO2: <40%, others <10%

Standard Grades of Ceramic Blasting Bead

SZ100: 0.100-0.150mm    SZ150: 0.150-0.210mm    SZ210: 0.210-0.300mm

SZ300: 0.300-0.425mm    SZ425: 0.425-0.600mm    SZ600: 0.600-0.850mm

SZ850: 0.850-1.180mm

Application of Ceramic Blasting Bead

Blasting, Shot peening, and strengthen treatment of metal part in Spacer, Motor, Shipping, Machine industry.

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