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Ceramic Sand Bead (FZ)
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Properties of Ceramic Sand Bead

Specific Density: 3.85 g/cm3

Bulk Density: 2.3g/cm3

V-hardness: 700HV1

Rockwell Hardness: 60HRC

Chemical Composition: ZrO2: 60-70%  SiO2: 28-33%

Standard Grade of Ceramic Sand Bead

FB20: 0.600-0.850mm           FB30: 0.425-0-600mm          FB40: 0.250-0.425mm

FB60: 0.125-0.250mm           FB80: 0.180-0.250mm          FB100: 0.125-0-180mm

FB120: 0.063-0.125mm         FB125: 0.000-0.125mm         FB170: 0.045-0.090mm

FB205: 0.000-0.063mm         FB400: 0.030-0.063mm         FB505: 0.000-0.040mm

Other size range can reach according the customer's design.

Application of Ceramic Sand Bead

Blasting, shot peening, and Surface treatment of metal part in 3C, Hardware, Machine industry.

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